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  • Basshead Lyrics: Give me that bass, make it bang / Boom, boom / Cruising down town with me and my crew / Girls on the sidewalk, how do you do? / I like your bass, that’s something to screw / If.
  • Basehead, also known as dc Basehead and Basehead , is an American alternative rock group formed by Michael Ivey in Ivey serves as the group's songwriter and leader, performing vocals and various instruments. Basehead's debut album, Play with Toys, was recorded at Ivey's home with various studio formed a touring band for live performances, which contributed to.
  • BASSHEAD subscribed to a channel 6 months ago Xbox - Channel. 7, videos; The official home of Xbox on YouTube and the best place to watch this year's E3 news and trailers! Subscribe for the.
  • Aug 11,  · BaseHead is an Enterprise class Sound Effects Search Engine designed by top working Hollywood Sound Designers. It’s already being used to create the SFX on your favorite first person shooters all the way to your favorite television show with dragons.
  • BassHead_Doors_for_Days #DoorsForDays Car Audio Page dedicated to share the most sick custom doors in the Basshead world posts.
  • A bass head is someone who enjoys an excessive amount of bass in music. A bass head can usually be identified as a person who installs many large subwoofers into their car, which in turn, can produce enough bass to damage ear drums. Cover your ears, it's Ian the bass head rolling down the street! by Analog Kid September 12,
  • A basshead is someone who appreciates and seeks out the sensation of bass impact. That rumbling, chest-thumping, breathtaking, canal-crushing experience. A person who craves a visceral feeling in music that can only be achieved when audio digs deep, punches, extends, and rips out the nasty.
  • W Bass Head with Tube Preamp, Class D Output Section, 3-band EQ, FX Loop, XLR Direct Out, and 2 Footswitch Jacks $ Or $25/month /5.

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