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  • Bes or Besa), the Egyptian god of recreation, represented as a dwarf with large head, goggle eyes, protruding tongue, shaggy beard, a bushy tail seen between his bow legs hanging down behind (sometimes clearly as part of a skin girdle) and usually a large crown of feathers on his head. BES, or Besas .
  • BES 4 Dream Edition is a full-featured desktop lettering, monogramming, and customization PC Software that opens your world of creativity with fonts, designs, and editing features. It also includes a wireless upgrade kit for many Brother machines as well as file storage and basic editing capability through the free access you receive to BES Cloud.
  • BES trains high-capacity individuals to take on the demanding and urgent work of leading high-achieving, college preparatory urban charter schools. When strong leaders combine good intention with uncompromising execution, they create excellent schools.
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  • BES Embroidery Lettering Software 3 is one of the best ways to personalize your creations with lettering. This software offers lettering, monogramming, design customization, and applique functionality for all skill levels. If you loved BES 2, you’ll be sure to fall in love all over again with all the great new features and enhancements in BES 3.
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 (BES ) Provides administration to old BlackBerry OS smartphones (i.e. BlackBerry Bold Series, BlackBerry Curve Series). This is a separate software that can be connected to BlackBerry Management Studio to deliver a unified console.
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  • A bes'bev was a traditional Mandalorian from beskar iron, a bes'bev was a combination of musical instrument and melee one end, a bes'bev was cut to a sharp tip, similar to a quill stylus, and this bladed end made the instrument ideal for stabbing and drawing blood.A bes'bev was also hard and sturdy, and could be hefted as a club should the need arise.
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