Border Wars - Sepultura - Nation (Cassette, Album)

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  • Nation Wikipedia article Album by Sepultura. Sepulnation Revolt Border Wars One Man Army Vox Populi The Ways of Faith Uma Cura Who Must Die? Saga Tribe to a Nation (featuring Dr. Israel) Politricks (featuring Jello Biafra) Human Cause (featuring Jamey Jasta) Reject Water Valtio (featuring Apocalyptica) Bela Lugosi's Dead (cover of "Bela Lugosi's Dead" by Bauhaus) Annihilation (featuring.
  • Co-produced by Sepultura Re-released remastered on Feb, together with Against as Against + Nation 2 CD set. Recording information: Produced by Steve Evetts.
  • Lyrics to 'Border Wars' by Sepultura. Where Am I To Go? What Do I Have To Do? Borders All Around Me, There's No Chance For A Choice Born In This World In A War Stricken Land I Will Do What I Have To Do And Go Where I Can.
  • Border Wars is a great song,very heavy and very aggressive vocally. One Man Army is another insanely vicious song with thick heavy bass & brutal vocals. NATION is my favorite Sepultura album followed closely by MACHINE MESSIAH (). Like several of their Green-era discs, NATION is a concept album that crosses the band’s death/thrash /5(70).
  • Sepultura Format: Audio Cassette. NATION is my favorite Sepultura album followed closely by MACHINE MESSIAH (). und Tracks wie "Uma Cura", "Border Wars", "Saga" opder "Tribe to a Nation" verdienen ein zweites Hören. Insgesamt also doch fünf Punkte und eine Kaufempfehlung für alle "Sepultribes" da draußen!/5(69).
  • A quote from the Dalia Lama, "Peace on earth depends on the peace in the people's hearts," and wise words from Mother Teresa, Ghandi, and Albert Einstein grace the album booklet of Sepultura's release, Sepultura's vocalist Derrick Green screams long and hard enough, you bet your sweet, tender eardrums that he's got something important to say.
  • SEPULTURA lyrics - "Nation" () album, including "Rise Above", "Annihilation", "Bela Lugosi's Dead" SUBMIT LYRICS LINKS METAL LYRICS - CURRENTLY 13 + ALBUMS FROM + BANDS Border Wars One More Crime Crossing Lines Trapped Inside State Of Mind Never Blind Fate Untied 4. One Man Army.
  • Border Wars One More Crime Trapped Inside Crossing Lines Never Blind Fate Untied State Of Mind No, No - It Won't Be This Way Pride, Pride - They Won't Blur Our Pride No, No - Can't Be Their Way I, I - Must Stay Alive Border Wars One More Crime Crossing Lines State Of .
  • May 16,  · A Nation Built On Sweat A Nation Built On Blood A Nation Built On Dreams Before The Tongues Are Mute Before They Hide The Truth We'll Be The Ones Who Speak A Nation - A Nation A Struggle - A Struggle A Weapon - A Weapon Our Music!!! One Mantra - One Mantra One Prayer- One Prayer One Belief - One Belief All Gods!!! We See Without Our Eyes We.

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