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  • Circassian - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free.
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  • The annotated Circassian Circle This is the dance everyone remembers from when they went to a barn dance, appearing under different names in slightly different forms across Europe. Everyone's holding hands in a big circle, there are rushes into the middle, a fast swing with someone new and a chance to catch your breath with a promenade.
  • Circassians, also known as Adyghe people Circassian beauties, an idealized image of Circassian women Circassian Majlis, a political and resistance council between the leaders of three coastal Adyghe tribes in
  • Jan 30,  · Although little known today, the Circassians were once a famous people, celebrated for their military élan, physical mien, and resistance to Russian expansion. In the nineteenth century, “Circassophilia” spread from Europe to North America, where numerous writers expressed deep admiration for the mountaineers of the eastern Black Sea. Prominent physical anthropologists deemed Circassian.
  • Cir·cas·sian (sər-kăsh′ən, -kăsh′ē-ən) n. 1. A native or inhabitant of Circassia. 2. The Northwest Caucasian language of the Circassians. adj. Of or relating to Circassia or its people, language, or culture. Circassian (sɜːˈkæsɪən) n 1. (Peoples) a native of Circassia 2. (Languages) a language or languages spoken in Circassia.
  • Circassian World is an independent non-profit web site dedicated to provide an informational resource on Circassian history, culture and contemporary politics. For more information regarding Circassian World, please contact [email protected]
  • May 06,  · The Circassian Circle is a country dance, which Lake District musician William Irwin directs be played as a 'hornpipe' in his c. music manuscript copybook. It was, for example, recorded as having been played and danced in the Carmichael district of Lanarkshire, Scotland, around the turn of the 20th century () where it was always the.

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