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  • It seems fairly obvious that the style of self-presentation is directly imitating that of celebrities such as the Kardashians—flaunting bodies and expressions in the most sexually provocative way possible, it is extremely troubling that these girls find it more important to attract attention in this way, entirely fashioned for the pleasure of the male gaze, rather than expressing their true personalities, .
  • To imitate is to act like or follow a pattern or style set by another: "The Blue Jay is a renowned vocal mimic, with the uncanny ability to imitate hawk calls" (Marie Read).
  • Aug 20,  · Life is imitating art. When you’ve watched one of the many Hollywood movies related to a viral, humanity ending outbreak of a micro or macroscopic pandemic of one sort or the other, you’ve.
  • Aug 17,  · 1. verb If you imitate someone, you copy what they do or produce.a genuine German musical which does not try to imitate the American model.
  • imitate to copy the actions, appearance, or mannerisms of another; ape, mimic, mock, parody Not to be confused with: emulate – to strive to equal or excel; to vie with successfully im·i·tate (ĭm′ĭ-tāt′) tr.v. im·i·tat·ed, im·i·tat·ing, im·i·tates 1. To use or follow as a model: Your brother imitates you because he admires you. 2. a.
  • imitating definition: Verb 1. Present participle of imitate. If she likes imitating a bean pole, that's her choice.; Here the younger brother impersonated the elder, and succeeded in deceiving his blind father by imitating the hairiness of his brother.; Opposite Cadzow Castle, in the eastern High Park, on the right bank of the Avon, is Chatelherault, consisting of stables and offices, and.
  • Cast Iron Teapot Kettle Imitating Uncoated Yellow Spot Gift Decoration L. Feature: 1. A straight hook type spout is adopted, with lines and rich texture. 2. Practical teapot for tea enthusiast, can also serve as ornament, gift or collection etc. 3. Beautiful shape with yellow spots on the body, better feel when used, more refined and Rating: % positive.

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