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  • May 12,  · “Soldier’s Joy” is one of ‘ essential Missouri tunes’ listed by Missouri fiddler Charlie Walden. It was also recorded by legendary Galax fiddler Emmett Lundy, and is listed as one of the tunes played at a fiddlers' convention at the Pike County Fairgrounds, Alabama (as recorded in the Troy Herald of July 6, ) {Cauthen, }.
  • Soldier’s Joy Lyrics. [Verse 1] Continental soldiers on a bivouac. Were playin' stud poker in a mountain shack. Every vigilante laid down his hand. When the captain of the guard gave a sharp.
  • The song of the week is 'Soldier's Joy'. It is one of the more popular traditional fiddle tunes in Bluegrass circles, but one will hear it played not only at Bluegrass jams, but also at Old-Time jams, at square dances, contradances, and even sometimes at Irish sessions.
  • Jul 01,  · Soldier's Joy (Contemporary American Fiction) [Bell, Madison Smartt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Soldier's Joy (Contemporary American Fiction)Cited by: 2.
  • December Starke, Florida. "Construction workers drinking beer in Soldiers Joy Cafe near Camp Blanding." Medium format acetate negative by Marion Post Wolcott.
  • Trad. The Soldier's Joy (Irish Hornpipe) sheet music for Violin -
  • Soldier's Joy > Fiddle Tunes as Connect the Dots There are as many different versions of a given tune as there are people playing the tune. That's right and proper because fiddle tunes are part of an oral tradition. These tunes weren't learned from a book and there is no one "correct" version of a tune. They are passed down from person to.

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