Way Up In The Sky

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  • Picture a penthouse way up in the sky With hinges on chimneys for stars to go by A sweet slice of heaven for just you and I When we're alone From all of society we'll stay aloof And live in propriety there on the roof Two heavenly hermits, we will be in truth When we're alone We'll view life's mad pattern As we view old Manhattan.
  • yeah Way up in the sky, little darlin' And if you fall I'll pick you up, pick you up You will grow and until you go I'll be right there by your Dark Moon Elvis Presley.
  • Aug 14,  · Way up in the sky, the little birds fly (point up, then flap "wings") Way down in the nest, the baby birds rest. (prayer hands, then rest head on them) With a wing on the left, and a wing on the right (left arm wing-wiggle, same with right) Those tired little birdies sleep all through the night (rest head on hands) Shhh! They're sleeping (index fingers to lips The bright sun comes up (big circle with arms).
  • Way Up In The Sky by Jim Page, released 25 June well, it’s hard times on planet earth hard times tonight the money’s getting’ funny and there ain’t no end in sight everybody’s lookin’ for a place to run away to a college or a convent anything will do but just when you start thinkin’ that there isn’t any hope along comes a UFO to throw you all a rope and take you way up the.
  • Way Up In the Sky Way up in the sky The little birds fly While down in the nest The little birds rest Shhh! They're sleeping. With a wing on the left And a wing on the right The little birds sleep All through the night. Shhh! They're sleeping. Up comes the sun And the dew drops away.
  • I wish that I could fly, way up in the sky, Like a bird so high, Oh I might just try, I wish that I could fly, way up in the sky, Like a bird so high, Oh I might just try, Oh I might just try. Submit Corrections. Thanks to StaticRazorBlades, Gethin Hughes, Aaron, Wolfie, Undead_Raya for correcting these lyrics.
  • Way up high In the sky. But the wind won't blow, You really shouldn't go, It only goes to show That you will be mine By takin' our time. So if you wake up with the sunrise, And all your dreams are still as new, And happiness is what you need so bad, Girl, the answer lies with you. Catch the wind, See us spin, Sail away, Leave today, Way up high.
  • Way up in the mountains, four thousand feet high There's a trail through the trees to a cliff where Carolina meets the sky Oh, and there's a view I just can't describe No, I'm not there yet, just a few more steps, baby wait Okay, you can open your eyes This is it, this is now.

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